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Wealth Management

What is wealth management?

Real wealth management is when you plan your income, expenses, investments and insurance, while taking into account income tax, inflation and fees. It is only when you follow a strategy and take a consistent approach that meets your family’s financial life objectives on a net basis, that you will achieve real wealth management. This is done by using professionals in all of your life cycles, starting with your first job, through to planning your post retirement, and beyond.



Tax management


Retirement income planning


Investment planning


Insurance planning


Life planning


Debt management

4 Pillars of Wealth Management




Transition of Wealth


Our Mission & Values

Our mission is make financial freedom attainable for everyone.

OBS Financial Services is your one and only destination for all aspects of Real Wealth Management. Our business model focuses on the four separate, yet co-existing practices of Real Wealth Management (Investments, Insurance, Income Tax and Business Services).

Stacey Bartel

Stacey Bartel

Owner & Financial Advisor

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Carsen Dokken

Carsen Dokken

Wealth Manager

Who we are

We are a team of dedicated & experienced accountants & advisors that aim towards building your investments & wealth. From investments, to taxes and real estate we can help guide you to understanding how to make your money work for you

Some of our specialties include

Wealth Management

From managing your real estate & investments to planning your retirement income we can help protect and grow your wealth

Accounting Services

We also specialize in a variety of accounting financial services including payroll, book keeping and more

Most Popular Questions

How much do I need to work with you?

We pride ourselves on helping new professionals with building their wealth. Whether it is creating your TFSA account or saving for a home we are here to help!
$25 biweekly and $2 million portfolio’s

How do I decrease taxes owing?

Having a financial plan can ensure that you are not being charged too much off of the income you are using. Some of these strategies include expenses, investments, and shifting income into other financial vehicles. 

I'm self employed, how do I decrease my taxes?

Keep an accurate list of expenses (date, amount, reason)

Keep an accurate mileage log.

Home expenses can be deducted for office use at home.

How much do I need to start investing?

Any amount can be invested even starting at 0. The important part is to start investing as soon as possible

Hear From Our Clients

We appreciate all of our amazing reviews from our clients. Check out some of the reviews below


I had been an OBS client for years before moving to ON. OBS continued to provide me support and services. Since the pandemic, many things have been moved to online service however OBS provided me this long before covid. This convenience was only ameliorated throughout the pandemic. I continuously receive efficient quick service with full explanations.

Shelley V.

Excellent service and professionalism over the last 12 years of dealing with them as a client

Gary S.

Tax services, insurance, financial support services. Excellent team, timely response and focused on the customer. Very trustworthy and accountable to me, the customer. I feel well cared for when dealing with Stacey and his team! I have used this service for several years and have received consistently excellent service year after year!

Patricia O.