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Are segregated funds right for you?

Whether you’re planning for retirement, building a safety net, or working on your financial legacy, investing in segregated funds through Co‑operators can be a smart way to diversify your portfolio.

Segregated funds come with a number of unique perks that not only help you build your wealth but keep it secure from other investing strategies



Segregated funds offer more protection from market volatility 

Professional Management

 With extensive experience selecting investments, we optimize your portfolio, so you don’t have to.

Simple Payouts

Similar to insurance policies your fund can be granted to beneficiaries 

Benefits of Segregated Funds

Our segregated funds utilize diversification in their structures. This protects you from mismanaged volatility and ensures that your money will grow in a stable environment

Our funds are connected to industries including:

  • Energy sector
  • Tech industry
  • Banking & financial sector
  • Transportation, and more! 
Protect Your Assets From Creditors

If you’ve named a beneficiary to your policy, segregated funds also offer protection from creditors seizing your assets in case of bankruptcy or in the event of a lawsuit. As mentioned before, this might be particularly important for freelancers or small-business owners.

This is why segregated funds are also associated with life insurances (and why you should name a beneficiary on your policy). Upon your death, there’s a guarantee that 75% to 100% of your initial investment will be passed on to your beneficiary, tax-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are segregated funds a good investment?

The pros of segregated funds are that they often have principal investment guarantees up to 100%, have the option to lock your gains, offer creditor protection, and come with a death benefit.

What are differences from mutual funds and segregated funds?

What are mutual funds and segregated funds? Mutual funds let investors pool their money together in a fund that’s managed by a qualified investment firm. … But unlike mutual funds, a segregated fund policy includes insurance guarantees that can protect much or even all your original investment.

Are segregated funds safe?

Segregated funds are a safe investment choice, if you want to protect your contributions in case markets take an unexpected downturn. These funds come with unique benefits that were made to help weather times of volatility and uncertainty.

Are segregated funds guaranteed?

Segregated fund contracts generally guarantee 75-100% of your premiums (minus withdrawals) once your contract matures, or on your death. Segregated fund contracts can also offer income guarantees! 

How do segregated funds work?

You as an investor can choose to invest in a segregated fund based on its objective and product terms. These are structured as deferred variable annuity contracts with the addition of life insurance benefits

Are segregated funds tax free?

Interest and foreign income are fully taxable on a segregated fund; while only 50% capital gains must be reported for tax purposes