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In 1994, our founder Stacey decided to invest in himself and took various courses on Income Tax, Employment expenses, Business Taxation and Taxation on Rentals, and took a few courses in order to improve his own situation. Much to his surprise he found that not only was he overpaying his CA ($300 per year in 1994), but his CA was missing more than that in deductions. When sharing his experience with friends and associates, he soon found himself doing income tax returns professionally during tax season.

During the growth of Stacey’s Tax Business, the world was hit by the 2008 recession. During this time, Many of the OBS Clients had questions regarding their investments, similar to those that Stacey had when he started the Tax Business, so at the request of many of his clients, Stacey studied and became a Financial Advisor, specializing in Segregated Funds. After 2 years of study, and finding an experienced mentor who could help him best help his clients, Stacey took on his first investments clients in 2010. Stacey continued with his education in the wealth management discipline and on May 29, 2012 he became a certified instructor in Real Wealth Management Services.

Stacey believes in continuing education, and has been an alumni at the Knowledge Bureau of Canada since 2010. The Knowledge Bureau is a Canadian Financial education institute that focuses on a multi-disciplinary approach to professional development in the areas on Income Tax, Bookkeeping, Financial Services and Wealth Management. As an Alumni, Stacey attends multiple courses, workshops, and conferences that enable him to not only advise, but educate his clients so that they can accumulate their wealth in a tax friendly environment.

Our theory on wealth managementAccessible & Effective

Whether you have a small portfolio or large, we promise to give the same premium attention.


Giving you access to the tools you need to better understand and grow your own wealth!


We’re always there to guide you through your finances and give you the help that you need


Whether you you have a small portfolio or large, we promise to get the same premium attention.

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Our caring staff are invested in your financial well-being and are always only a phone call away.

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Carsen Dokken

Wealth Manager

My focus is on helping young professionals save up money for their first large purchases and start their wealth strategy

Stacey Bartel

President & Founder of OBS Financial

With over 30 years of experience my focus is on saving everyday taxpayers from overpaying the government while also protecting their assets

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Previous Clients

I had been an OBS client for years before moving to ON. OBS continued to provide me support and services. Since the pandemic, many things have been moved to online service however OBS provided me this long before covid. This convenience was only ameliorated throughout the pandemic. I continuously receive efficient quick service with full explanations.

Shelley V.

Excellent service and professionalism over the last 12 years of dealing with them as a client.

Gary S.

Tax services, insurance, financial support services. Excellent team, timely response and focussed on the customer. Very trustworthy and accountable to me, the customer. I feel well cared for when dealing with Stacey and his team! I have used this service for several years and have received consistently excellent service year after year!

Patricia O.