Carsen Dokken

Carsen Dokken

Wealth Manager

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My Biography

Some of my skills include

Helping young professionals break their taxes down and save up for their first home



  • Certified Financial Advisor
  • Tax Advisor
  • Investment/Retirement planner
Certifications and


  • Life Lesson Qualification Program (LLQP) Gives me the ability to sell Insurance and Insured investments IE. Seg Funds)
  • Tax Advisory Master Class


  • Estates and Succession taxes/planning
  • Real Wealth Management Course

How I Build Wealth

One of the biggest factors for building wealth comes down to finding the happy medium between spending money on necessities and wants to putting some away and having your money work for you

Investment Portfolios

Perhaps on the largest changes to improve your financial life is to decide to create a investment portfolio. In this vehicles your money will continue to grow & make you more money for the amount you invested

Income Tax Refunds

When going through your taxes together we can save you hundreds & even sometimes thousands on your returns. With any money you receive the smartest decision is to put it towards your investments to allow it to make you more money

Mortgages & Insurance

While this is often overlooked most Canadian’s are overpaying on their mortgages and insurance rates. I will help you not only with finding options for these necessary expenses but in planning what you truly need and saving you on expenses you don’t need overpaying for