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We regret to advise our customers that we are fully booked for in-person appointments through April 30.

We encourage you to use the link above to submit your information and documents online, so that we can still continue to serve you throught this busy time.

I Have A Standard Tax Return


The standard tax retun is the most basic of tax returns.  The type of booking is the most typical as it covers the need of most tax filers who do not have themore advanced situations such as employment expenses or self-employment income.

I Have Employment Expenses


This covers situations where your employer requires you to pay for certain expenses, which they may reimburse partially. This incudes use of your personal vehicle, cell phone, a home office, tools,

I Have Rental Income


If you own property (land or buildings) which you rent out to others; choose this option!

This ensures that the tax preparer is alerted in advance so they can communicate any special information you will need to bring.

I Have Business Income


If you operate your own business, no matter the size and scope of it; or if you have other self employment income which may not be reported on a tax slip. This is the type of appointment you need.