Domestically Traveling Within Canada? Some Tips and Considerations Before You Go

by | Oct 27, 2021 | Financial Info

Are you embarking on some domestic travel within Canada outside of your home province? There’s a lot of fun to be had inside our country’s borders! But like international travel, there are some extra things to consider when traveling nationally!

Here are some tips and considerations for travel within Canada:

Does the healthcare plan of my province/territory cover me outside of my region?

You may be surprised to learn that your provincial healthcare system has boundaries within it’s designated zone. Your healthcare system only provides coverage for certain things when visiting a different province or territory. What is and isn’t covered when you head elsewhere in Canada varys – some provinces do not cover expensive medical services, such as air transportation & bedside companions.

If you do not have insurance, you may be stuck with an expensive bill. With OBS Financial’s Travel Medical Insurance, you can protect yourself from these types of expenses.

How can I stay safe in a region I’ve never been to before?

  •   Use good judgement and avoid risky or dangerous situations
  •   Protect your information and data. When using public WiFi do not check personal or private information
  •   Do not travel in unlicensed vehicles.  Check and compare vehicle details when using a rideshare app.

Do I need my passport travelling between provinces in Canada?

  • If you are using your passport as identification yes, but otherwise there’s no need to carry this document with you – including domestic flights.

Tips for keeping families safe

  •  Make sure children have/know your contact information if you happen to get separated.
  •   Keep emergency numbers handy for the area you are visiting so you can reach out for help should a situation arise
  •   Make sure children know the dangers of leaving accommodation doors open.
  •  Be wary of allergy concerns in your family and do some research ahead of time

Tips for expectant mothers

  •   Call your insurance provider and check for any exclusions that may apply to you as an expecting mother
  •   Be sure to consult with your medical provider before you travel so you can be aware of any potential health risks attached to the activities planned for your trip.
  •  Take your travels and pregnancy into consideration when packing

Tips before travelling

  •   Learn about the area you’re visiting in advance. This will help you know if there are areas to avoid or risks that can impact your safety.
  •   Pack appropriately, check regional weather.
  •   Bring entertainment for the little ones, and prepare to get stuck without WiFi.
  • Have hard copies of your route, accommodation, and insurance in case you find yourself without internet access.
  •   Arrange for a neighbour you trust and/or family members to keep an eye out on your home while your away for packages and mail.
  •   Arrange a reservation in advance for your pet at a kennel or pet hotel.
  •   Ensure your bills have been paid or will be paid when away.
  •   Toss out food that will spoil
  • Plan a budget – and stick to it!