Is the Apprenticeship Board Paying for Your School? You Still Qualify!

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Financial Info, Taxes

Under the many apprentiship programs out there, most tradespeople find themselves in a position where they do not directly pay for their school. But they do!

When they go to take their levels, they not only recieve EI while in school, but at tax time they will recieve a second T4E from the province or other party for the cost of support measures.

As these students are required to include the cost of thier education as taxable income they have to pay tax on the cost of school, so therefore in the governments eyes, they are in fact paying for it as a taxable benefit.

So as they pay for school they are fully entitled to the 1, 2, 3 of claiming tuition.

Most educational institutes DO NOT mail out the T2202A Tax Forms, so make sure you log in to your school website and print them out!