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The one 2 one Experience

QuickBooks Online Training

QuickBooks Online Training

Welcome to a financial learning journey, specially designed to meet the distinct needs of your business. Our training modules offers practical insights and hands-on skills, turning the complexities of bookkeeping and accounting into manageable, understandable steps.

Choose from our two distinct master courses, each designed for specific business needs.

QuickBooks Lite

QuickBooks Lite is your partner for easy invoicing, with our experts taking care of your bookkeeping

QuickBooks Advanced

For the hands-on business owner, QuickBooks Advanced offers the tools and insights to confidently handle everyday accounting

A Learning Experience Made for You

Your learning experience is as unique as your business. That’s why our training is personalized, offering your choice of in office, or live online, practical sessions. You’ll work directly on your books with our expert team, transforming theoretical knowledge into practical skill.

Training to suite your needs

  One 2 one training

Customized to your needs

Training Module


Intro to Accounting Software
Ind Price – $50

Customers and Sales
Ind Price $300

Suppliers and Purchases
Ind Price $300


Lists and Chart of Accounts
Ind Price $300

Sales Tax and Remittances
Ind Price $300


Financial Performance Reporting
Ind Price $300

Quick Books Payroll (1)
Ind Price $399
Add on Bundle – $250

Specialty Course

Quick Books Payroll (2)
Ind Price $399
Add on Bundle – $250

Specialty Course

Inventory Management
Ind Price $399
Add on Bundle – $250

Specialty Course

Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation
Ind Price $399
Add on Bundle – $250

Specialty Course
Your Pathway to
Financial Expertise
Every module offers a deep dive into essential accounting aspects
from managing sales and customers to intricate financial reporting,
ensuring your growth into a confident financial navigator.

Enhanced Learning with
Two Master Courses

Explore our offerings through two core modules, each designed to cater to specific business needs, ensuring every entrepreneur finds their perfect fit.

Your Invoicing
Effortless Invoicing
Business-Focused Support
Invoicing Made Easy
Streamlined Bookkeeping
Your Invoicing Ally
QuickBooks Lite: Simplify Invoicing
Focus on Your Business
Expert-Managed Bookkeeping
Seamless Invoicing Solution
A Toolkit for the Hands-on Entrepreneur
Empower Your Entrepreneurship
Detailed Accounting Mastery
Confidence in Daily Finances
Hands-On Toolkit
Insights with Ease
Master Your Finances
Precision in Accounting
Advanced Tools, Simple Management
Your Daily Accounting Ally
Entrepreneur’s Accounting Companion

QuickBooks Lite

Your Invoicing Companion

QuickBooks Lite makes invoicing a breeze. It’s the go-to for business owners who want to keep their focus on running the business, offering a helping hand for all your invoicing needs while our experts handle the bookkeeping.

Intro to QuickBooks

Why do we need accounting Software

What is Accounting Software
Understanding Financial Reports and the tax requirements
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Why Online
Working with your Accountant

Customers & Sales
Adding Clients & Manage Customer Accounts
Creating Estimates for Products & Services
Invoicing for Products & Services
Billable time and expenses *
Receiving & Depositing Payments from Customers in QB
Creating & Applying Customer Credits
Managing Accounts Receivable
Creating and sending Statement, adding Fin Charges *

Chart of Accounts & Lists
Understanding your Chart of Accounts
Income Accounts
Cost of Goods/Sales Sold
Liabilities & Equity
Products and Services
Inventory and Non-inventory items
Tax Rates
Income and Expense Accounts

Financial Performance Reporting
Discussion of:
Profit & Loss report
Balance Sheet
Accounts Receivable & Aging
Accounts Payable & Aging
Comparative Reports
Customizing Criteria
Scheduling Reports
Exporting Reports
Management Reports

QuickBooks Advanced

A Toolkit for the Hands-on Entrepreneur

For those ready to roll up their sleeves and dive into the details, QuickBooks Advanced is your ally. It’s designed for entrepreneurs who want the tools and insights to manage their day-to-day accounting with confidence and ease.

Suppliers & Purchases
What is Accounting Software
Entering Bills
Entering Expenses
Paying Bills
Entering and applying Supplier Credits
Reporting Billable Expenses
Creating Purchases Orders
Creating Recurring Transactions
Sales Taxes & Remittances
Applying sales taxes to invoices
Tax rates
What is taxable?
GST/HST Balance Sheet Accounts
RST Balance Sheet Accounts
Preparing your GST/HST Sales Tax returns
Filing your GST/HST return
Preparing your RST Sales Tax returns
Reporting RST Commissions

Not for the faint of heart!

QuickBooks Specialty

Managing Inventory items
Adding Inventory
Inventory Adjustments
Inventory Builds
Inventory reporting
Assignment of income and expense accounts
Paying your employee’s
Managing Employee Records
Hiring and Termination
Tracking time and absences
Employee Benefits
Running Payroll
Payroll Liabilities & Remittances
Year-end Reporting (Tax Slips)
Records of Employment
Paying your employee’s
Managing Employee Records
Hiring and Termination
Tracking time and absences
Employee Benefits
Running Payroll
Payroll Liabilities & Remittances
Year-end Reporting (Tax Slips)
Records of Employment
Bank and Credits Cards
Why reconcile?
What accounts do you reconcile?
Beginning and Ending balances
Reconciliation Date
Service Charges and Interest Earned
Matching your Transactions
Dealing with:
Incorrect transaction amounts
Missing transactions
Unreconcilable transactions
Reconciliation Discrepancies

Broaden Your Financial Knowledge

Venture into specialized areas of financial management with our additional modules in bank reconciliation, payroll, and inventory. It's about equipping you with a comprehensive skill set to navigate every financial challenge.

Making Selling Simpler

For just $499, enter a space where managing sales, billing, and customer collections becomes intuitive. Our dedicated, one-on-one learning approach ensures you can focus on boosting revenue while we simplify the bookkeeping process.

Take Control of Your Bookkeeping

At $799, this module is especially for businesses ready to oversee their own bookkeeping and prepare books for an accountatnt's review. With the option to delve deeper into specialized courses, this module is your companion in a cost-effective financial management journey.